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Hang in there, son. He retches and more blood appears. Fletcher gently pulls the kid further onto his lap and wraps his arms across him, willing some of his own vitality into the child, yet trying not to squeeze him too tightly. The track PA announces the names of the dogs that are ready to race. The words boom into the intense blue sky above Fletcher, and when they fade, he hears the whine of ambulance sirens from the overpass. Five minutes left to place your bets, the voice on the PA warns. Flying insects buzz and whine at an unbearable pitch.

Do it for me. He sits in the passenger seat, door open, one leg out, foot on the ground. He squints.

I can now officially call myself an Amazon best-selling author.

Behind Danny the ambulance is circling down the exit ramp, lights flashing. Bring them over here! The boy blinks, too slowly. He attempts to speak, but his throat catches and his eyes fill with tears.

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He tries again and this time he rasps something. He dies seven seconds later The first is from twenty years before during the original investigation into the murders of ten year old boys, Scott and Charlie. The second begins in present day when the body of a man is discovered in the same location that the murdered boys were found.

Cody Swift is the remaining friend, alive and safe from harm only because he was grounded by his mother on the night his friends were murdered.

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All he wants is to be certain that justice was served for Scott and Carlie. The twists begin as the two detectives who worked the case of the murdered boys twenty years ago, are the same ones who are on scene of the murdered man. They are also following Cody's podcast very closely. This audiobook is full of twists and turns, with tension you can cut with a knife as the danger to anyone who feels 'it's time to tell' mounts! The chills and anticipation begin early, intensifying and running amuck the closer the story gets to the conclusion.

In addition, and more importantly, each narrator's performance increased the emotion and sensitivity of the characters enormously, creating a more thrilling and chilling atmosphere to the story. All of the narrators did an exceptional job at using different voices and accents to individualize different characters but I think Steve West did the best performance in this audiobook and I will seek out other audiobooks narrated by him.

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Steve Brand is the voice of DI Fletcher and plays him perfectly! When he finds Charlie on the brink of death, his emotions shine through and I felt like I was right there, witnessing the child's last moments, causing is a visceral reaction in me that I couldn't escape. Fletcher is badly shaken by this experience and he wants justice very badly for both boys. Cool and sure of himself in the very beginning, he thinks he has his killer. I could feel his emotions accutly as the story unfolds.

Imogen Church is Charlie's mother, Jessica. She does an outstanding performance as is always the case. If you are familiar with my audiobook reviews you will know that Imogen is one of my all time favorite narrators and she never fails to illicit a gut wrenching response from me no matter what story she is telling!

I have listened to most audiobooks she's narrated. Steve West plays Cody Swift and his performance caused an immediate feeling of loss and a need for justice that went straight to my heart! His determination to get to the truth for his childhood friends overrides the increasing danger to himself and those around him and he may pay dearly for it in the end.

I love the uniqueness of this book and have never been disappointed in anything written by Gilly Macmillan! She's a master at choosing the perfect narrative performers that have raised her stories to another level entirely and this one is no exception. I enjoyed the music that is used in this audiobook as it gives it yet another dimension from the book.

Aug 14, Judy Collins rated it it was amazing Shelves: releases , books-read-in , arc-edelweiss , gilly-macmillan. A true-crime podcast stirs up new evidence in a twenty-year decades-old murder with an explosive ending you will not see coming! True crime buffs will devour!

For the true crime devotee, there are twenty different kinds of true-crime podcasts: episodic, serialized, cold cases, current events, historical, and thematic. Some of these are similar, to Serial and S-Town and some are wildly different, both in topic and method, but they are all the kind of true crime podcast that will leave you questioning the human psyche, social relationships, and the legal system.

A twenty-year-old cold case. Read it, and you will find out why! Her best yet! MacMillan skillfully maximizes suspense by juggling narrators and the timing of the two cases, as well as using the podcast episodes and distinct voices to connect past with the present to the shocking final twists. Set in Bristol, England an estate at night near an old Greyhound racing dog track.

Some of my friends have adopted the retired Greyhounds. A group of friends at play. Kids are always in the wrong place at the wrong time. From a decades-old brutal murder of two young boys, abandoned on wasteland.

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Still a mystery years later. Now an award-winning filmmaker Cody Swift, haunted by the murder of his two best friends, returns to Bristol to find out what really happened.

Sidney Noyce - a mentally challenged adult, was charged with the murder. He spent time with the boys at the dog track kennels on the morning before Scott and Charlie disappeared. He was a 24 yr. No prior criminal record. He was likable by many. The gentle giant. Did he receive a fair trial? In , he commits suicide in prison, after twenty years.

He was serving a life sentence. However, he never stopped proclaiming his innocence. Was there something more sinister going on behind the scenes? Was he a sitting duck? There were also the detectives and the parents. Who to believe? Everyone is hiding secrets.

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Many pieces to the puzzle. A complex chain of events. The thought of Noyce being innocent intrigued Cody. He begins a personal investigation into the murders of his best friends. He has a knack for storytelling. But there is still more to the story after the final episode. How would you feel if things changed twenty years later, to have it unearthed once again?

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This opens up emotions and conflicted feelings. From the loss of his friends and his guilt that he survived is a darkness he has lived with.

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Digging up the past will not be easy, but if the reporter is correct that Noyce did not kill his friends, then someone needs to solve this mystery. Who really committed the murders? What did it mean? However, there are some who do not want this double murder investigation stirred up again. He became very useful to some very influential people in Bristol.

I can now officially call myself an Amazon best-selling author.

What are his secrets and motives? Jess has married since the murder of Nick.

Jess has hidden the past from her daughter, Erica. She knows already that his podcast could be a new and dark dawn in her life.